29 August 2009



ever heard of this stuff?

15Malaysia is 15 short films about Malaysia featuring some of the country's coolest directors, actors, musicians and politicians. The project is produced by Pete Teo and sponsored by P1.
at first i was skeptical, because i don't really like Malaysian movies. except for 'CINTA'. and i don't watch Malaysian movies that much.

but the second film titled 'chocolate', had attracted me. i like the main actress, sh. Amani, and i've heard that yasmin ahmad was a good director. so i download the Torrent and quickplayer just to watch it (agak leceh tapi nak tengok jugak!)
tenyata berbaloi usaha ku.
sebab 'chocolate' is kinda interesting.
tapi my most favourite film on this project is HOUSE.
it's a MUST SEE!!!!!
(walaupun ending dia agak pelik dan anda perlu banyak berfikir, but i think it's great!)

these films were released one by one, and till date, only 6 of 15 had been released.

i wish other films weren't as bad as potong saga or halal. both were FUNNY, but somehow i macam... err..... but hey, i have my own opinion, right?)

so come on Malaysian!

join 15Malaysia now!


green said...

no tv laa..
so how??

Putra Al-Maliki said...

I like Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ) act as a taxi driver...He is just like his himslef in real situation... =)