01 September 2009

3rd jackpot

what a life!

just got a third jackpot last saturday.

and what i meant by 'jackpot' is dat i just got dumped few days before exam. AG
wow, this is such a good record!

actually 'dumped' isn't a good word. i dunno what i should called it. ehe~

my first jackpot was a few years ago, when my bf for 3 years had left me a day before 'traumatology' exam. and how i cried when i answered those questions! (luckily i didn't fail)
second, Mr. Conman, the biggest liar in da whole world, who had changed his number 2 days before my 'Internal medicine' exam, and dissappeared!!!
and now, the 'future doc guy'. our one month relationship didn't last long. few days before i'm supposed to undergo my 'cardiology' exam, he suddenly didn't wanna answer my calls and SMS. and after some help from his friend, he SMS me, saying dat his family had chose a wife for him.

as if i'm gonna believe that lame e
and now the truth reveals.

he had been dating his ex
gf again.

but could he at least be a gentleman and confront me????????????

i'd rather he said "ainul, i hate u", rather than just "ainul, could u plz give me few days to calm myself down? please don't call me or find me for the time being"


we had started our relationship with a good way. do we have to end it in a BAD way?
i mean, we are adults, right?
why don't he act like an adult?

what if we met again in other departments?

did he have any guts to talk to me again?

i am STILL a human.
don't make me look like a
fool, ok.
thankfully, this time i didn't cry that hard.
when Mr Conman had left me, i had learn dat we could never ever let our personal problems affect our work life.

well, let's look at the bright side.
one day, when i had become a real doctor, everyday is like an exam.

so if i let my personal problems 'interfere' with my work life, i may end up giving wrong prescriptions and order wrong examinations for my patients, right????

and how fatal that could be???????????

life is great!!!!

it gave me thousand of reasons to cry, but i will make sure that i can find a million reasons to SMILE.....

p.s. this is nasi bakar. very delicious, i tell you!! i like~


flyin_hye said...

i'm proud of u..u deserved some1 better...trust me dear..some1 who really know how to appreciate u...mayb i should tell diz 2 myself also...haha

A.R.Y. said...

oh. thank u dear!
takpe. saling mengingatkan.