28 September 2009

it's mama's birthday!!!!

i made this 'childish' card just for mama.
seriusly takde idea.
i just warnakan my right hand with water colour and stamp it to a cardboard, conteng2, and VOILA! jadilah card yang xberapa chantek nih. but at least it's handmade. i like handmade cards rather than those beautifully printed cards sold at gift shops =p

hmmm... anyway, can u guys guess my mum's age??

here's mama and alieff, my youngest brother, during the third 'Hari Raya'. people always thought mama is my elder sister!
looking at her, nobody would believe she's 44 years old this year.
she looks young, right?
i always make mama worried. i wish i was a better daughter. secretly i think i had failed her. but there are still winding roads ahead. let's just pray for mama's happiness, ok?
love u so much, mama!

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