02 September 2009

lumpur dan masa depan

watch Lumpur and Future!!!!!!!!!!

(click the banner, please.)

Future is like some 'futuristic' movies where everything is determined by the government and nobody is allowed to SPEAK. it's great!
i wonder why all Malaysian sci fi or 'scientific-stuffs' movies that i had watched includes HUMOR.
it makes the quality very low.
but 'future' is good. don't need any humor to make me laugh (cynically)..

ok, i shouldn't say more.
don't want to get arrested.

please don't get me wrong.
i'm pro gov, though i haven't register as a 'pengundi', yet. i'm at Indonesia, how can i vote?
people here praises Malaysia for funding their students to study overseas.
Malaysia sangat pemurah, they said.
but they have their own opinion about our political stability too. (or should i say... instability?)

whatever happens in our mother country,
we are always questioned by some curious citizens here. (don't blame them. i'm curious, too)
it's not easy.
because we don't even know what actually happened back there.

but all i know is that....
i love my country,
no matter what.

but could we become more united....... please???????

ok, i am so 'terpengaruh' with 'lumpur' and 'future' now. hihi.
i've realised that most of 15malaysia touch the 'multiracial' stuffs. great job, producers! let's hope this short films can actually 'change' something.
people, don't just watch.


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