16 October 2009

one year annivesary

it's been a week since i had entered ENT (ear, nose and throat) department.
all i can say is dat i'm so tired and i even felt like i wanna cut my legs.
i had been standing for so many hours and and had walked so many miles.
i'm so exhausted, tired and spent.
damn, life is getting harder and harder each day.
hope i can still force myself to smile though my body and my heart is aching like hell.

13 oktober lalu,
genaplah aku koas/ klinikal selama setahun!
tak sangke dah setahun aku jadi koas.
banyak kenangan manis dan pahit berlalu.
tp yg pasti, aku dapat sangat banyak ilmu dan pengalaman.

many obstacles lies in front of me.
i musn't look back now, right?
it's time to move forward and keep moving...

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