15 November 2009

the end is near

If I was asked to describe '2012' with only one word, 
i would choose the word 
actually, i want to give a big WOW! to this movie.

Seriously, i love this movie so much!
The amazing yet scary disasters amazed me, leaving me with a gaping mouth and stunned eyes.

It's definitely the greatest movie that I've watched so far.

My companions didn't like this movie as much as i do, but people do have different taste, right?

Anyway, this movie had left me thinking of so many questions.

What if, 
without any warning,
the earth cracks and shatters?

What if, 
suddenly a big wave hit this very land and drowned us all?

What if,
i die,
before i even had a chance to say goodbye?

think of it...

whether the apocalypse is near or not,
we never know when is our time to leave this world.
we cannot see death. 
it maybe so far away, yet it is also so near.

the big question is,
are we ready to die?

for more info on 2012, click here

as i wrote this, one of my friend had just lost his father. 
may ALLAH bless his father's soul. 
my condolence to TUAN MOHD AZLAN BIN TUAN SOH for his great loss. 
may ALLAH gives u strength, my friend.

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