17 November 2009

melalut je ni.. jangan bace kalau korang sibuk

today is tuesday.
and i had a non productive day.
i kept thinking of doing so many stuffs but i end up sleeping like a 'sleeping beauty' and playing games like there is no tomorrow.
well, as if 'thinking' can move something, right?
it's been six weeks since i had my holiday.
and when it comes, i seriously dunno what i should do! plus i had to save money.
no more 'jalan2'.
i had already spent rp130k for Samalona trip.

my room is like a shrunken ship. i kept thinking to clean up all the mess
(but like i said, just thinking is not enough rite?)

i look so weird when i'm thinking

i had even said to myself, 
i don't want to touch any medical books this week.
seriously, no reading this week! then next week i'll start reading back, okay!

i keep wondering why am i so lazy right now.
i hate being unproductive.
maybe tomorrow i will do everything.
can't 'tangguh2' anymore.

ok.. about this pic...
i am obsessed with Farmville right now!!!
but i have some deep trouble, lah.
did anyone know how to adopt those poor animals that came by to our farm?
last time i there was a cute tortoise but i end up losing it! arghh..
(like anyone gonna answer my question, rite?)

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