16 November 2009

Samalona, what a beauty!

OK, Samalona isn't a homo sapien's name.
though it do sounds like Saloma, it's actually a name of a bitch beach.

an island, to be exact. ehe~

So yesterday i went to the Samalona island with five friends. though i am supposed to save money, i can't lose this opportunity! i had wanted to go there since i was in my mum's womb first year!. usually i am the first to dip myself in the water and the last to go out. haha. what? i really love swimming, lah. u can't blame me, ok.

All six of us were so excited. we leave the RUSUN at 5.40 a.m. so early, huh? i didn't even showered before i go cuz i woke up at 5.30 a.m. damn, why can't i wake up late even at holiday?!?! another reason i didn't showered is because of the water shortage. there's even a fire truck came by everyday to give us enough some water.

When we had reached the jetty at 6.30 a.m, our chartered boat was already there. her name is cute --> Bibir Merah. better than Dewi Persik. ewwww... i swear my life i will never board a boat with her name (there's a boat with that name near Bibir Merah). if u didn't know who the hell is Dewi Persik, just googled her. i swear i'm not the only one on this earth who hated her.

this is us in the Bibir Merah. credit to Athirah for taking this pic.

U know, what? First thing my friends said when they saw Bajie is, 
"ko nak pergi mane? pergi mall ke?"
guess which one is Bajie. i think her dress is so cute, la. 

back to the story...
to tell you the truth, we were shocked to see Samalona.
first, the water is so blue, lah!

second, we never thought there's a beautiful place at Makassar (aside from Trans Studio and UNHAS lake) errr... at least i think the lake is beautiful. 
and third, it is not as big as i thought. only a few steps and there, you've crossed the whole island already! 

we were 'attacked' by some people when we had finally arrived. 
'did u want to rent any house?' 
'want to order some lunch? we got fish, chickens and many more!'
'our hut is only rp20k!'
OMG, those were so annoying. thank god we had already arranged everything. so we just smile and say, 'no thanks'
our room wasn't too bad. only rp100k per half day, it is quite spacious and clean enough. 

then it is time for snorkeling! snorkeling set was rp20k per use, excluding the flippers. i don't want any flippers cuz it looks like a duck feet. but after that, i regret my decisions cuz the corals hurt my feet T.T

snorkeling was fun! lots of beautiful corals and fishes!!! my fav is a dark blue fish which i had tried to catch with my bare hands, but i guess all fish have such agility that it is hard to do so.

i had even taught Atiq how to swim. the hardest part was to taught her how to float.
i kept saying 'try to lose everything and make urself lighter'
how in the hell people could understand that, right?
but with the help of the big tire, she had succeeded!

"ok Atiq, now u had already know how to float, try to swim to me"  i said to Atiq, while 'coaching' her to swim.

and voila! my friend had mastered another skill in her life!

anyway, while we were having a blast, some cute Indonesia kid call us 'Kak Ros'. maybe they heard us talking in Malay. both of them were so cute. so we called them Upin and Ipin. hehe. turns out their bro was named 'opan' (or maybe he's their dad but he looks so young, handsome!)

upin and ipin, and lots of 'Kak Ros'.

a day at the beach will be dull without any camwhoring.
we had tried to take a pic of all of us jumping.
but the result is this...

  damn. i look so stupid in this pic.

this one oklah kot.
at least my feet wasn't on the ground.
why does other people's jumping pics were so damn awesome?

at 11a.m., we were so exhausted and stop swimming. our lunch was delicious. ikan bakar with a super pedas sauce. it's a finger licking good! 
the sea water makes our body sticky. we thought the bathroom there use fresh water but it wasn't. there is no fresh water on the island. *sigh

oh my, what a long entry. maybe i should stop talking now. but wait! i haven't tell u guys about our unforgettable moment yet!

a pose from my friend before we thought our life was gonna end. i was the one who had just boarded the Bibir Merah.

OK, what really happens was the waves were so big, and our not-a-speed-boat was almost turned down by the big, hungry waves. i was soaking wet when I've reached the shore. it is really an amazing yet scary experience. i almost thought we weren't gonna make it. the lapping waves was so scary that we shriek and shout our lungs out a the first few minutes. after that, we sat silently, wishing and praying that everything will be over as soon as possible.
and after a tiring journey, we had reached the shore safe and sound, and soaking wet.

 this wobbly thing is weird, lah. 

apart from the scary journey back home, everything was worthwhile, and tons of funs!!!
all i had to say about Samalona is, it is indeed, a beautiful island.

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