21 November 2009

wake up (dedicated to udin)

wake up! 
wake up from those eerie dreams. 
fly away from the haunting nightmare.... 
and run from the darkness, my friend.
for it give us nothing but fear.
and fear, 
may crush our empire of hope, 
destroying our mountain of prayers, 
which we had sealed with tears of emotions. 

but what is the price of love,
without the raging fire and the soothing water?

this is the rain before the rainbow colored the sky.

and maybe...
we will all wake up 
and realize....
that it is just a nightmare


you can't leave us like this, my friend...
clinging to the memory of your smile,
hanging beneath the fading laughter of yours.

there's a big lantern for your future, 
don't you ever dare to give up!

this entry is dedicated to Fachruddin Sofwan, my colleague who had just undergo a brain surgery to remove an oligodendroglioma at his frontal brain. he had survived the surgery, but haven't recover fully after the operation (i had been informed that till now, he's in delirium state of mind). 
right now, there's nothing we can do except to pray for his recovery.
get well soon, udin!!

thank you Kiwi_Gal for these lovely pics!


green said...

get well soon.
harap dia ok..
n u too..

A.R.Y. said...

thank u green....
br dua hr lps jumpe dia before operation.
hrp2 dia cpt sembuh