02 December 2009

da berhabuk2 blog aku nih... tapi tulah.. malas sangat lah nak update blog. nak belajar pon mls..
sampai la semalam.........
semalam ade 4 org exam dgn dr. G. dan ntah mcm mane aku pon jadi mangse. "ainul, apa jawabanmu?", "ok, kita beri contoh ainul". ainul, ainul, ainul. dahla tu examiner aku jugak nnti. jawab salah2 lak tuh... malu giler beb. tp bukan aku yg tgh exam! (ok, dia cume sebut name aku tiga kali je,,, ehehehehe)
so lepas kene 'hentam' dgn dr. G, aku sedar aku ni malas sangat. dan mungkin aku patut post kan entry yg aku da lame tulis dan da bersawang2 dah...
--> this is written last week, on my first day in Forensic department.
Today is one of my red marked day, where is swear on my soul, that I will never ever forget my 1st day in the forensic department. 
The main reason I will never forget today is because that today I got a jackpot! I got the chance to watch an autopsy on my first day! Before we graduate, we must watch at least 3 autopsies, and autopsy is very rare down here in Makassar. My first corpse is a guy that was found floating in the river eight days ago.  
As the first week student, we had to bring the equipment from the Forensic building to the hospital.
Some of the lists are weird.
Kitchen knife, apron, cutting board
Errr… wait2. Are we going to cook or what?
Anyway, other stuffs on the list are… 
Scalpel, needle holder, thread 
Ok, now everything sounds like some medical stuff, right? 
Oh, yeah, don’t forget to bring the saw!
The autopsy went well. I got chance to sew the guy back. Turns out it is not like sewing some stitches. Sewing a corpse need a lot of stamina and determination.

Though the guy wasn’t alive anymore, ethics are still important. So guys please don’t ever compare Forensic doctors with butchers. No matter who is the guy on the table, the person is treated with respect and dignity, and autopsy really helps to determine the cause of unusual cases.

After everything had been checked, from the outer appearance till the inner organs, all of the first week student, had to wash all of the items. But unfortunately, there is no flowing water. So we had to carry water with buckets of water.

Phew, what a day… I went back home feeling so icky and smelly, and very hungry. *Sigh….

Before I stop, I wanna say thanks to all of my first week colleagues (now we are already in week two). U guys are so damn awesome!!

They gonna kill me if I didn’t write their name. so here we are…

Edex, Asdar, Sari, Uni, Imi, Fitrah, Ana and of course, Ainul.
Ngeh ngeh ngeh

p.s. Please pardon my grammatical errors, ok. 

one of the pics during the autopsy...
sorry... gambar mayat takleh tunjuklah...

oklah. chow dulu. buhbyee~


aPai said...

hensem gle mamat kt depan myt 2..coool~ gle..nk b'kenalan dgn die ble x??

pakcik kordi said...

tunjuk la waks!nk tgk!!!!

jgn malas2!!!!

A.R.Y. said...

apai poyo!!!!
ko gay ke nk berkenalan dgn lelaki? haha

pakcik, bukan malas... tp melanggar ethics la tauk gbr mayat! ehehe