07 January 2010

dear diary....
i am so afraid.
afraid that the unhealed wound on my heart becomes deeper.
but then he is not the reason for those bitter taste in my past.
his fault is only that he comes too late.
too late to protect my fragile heart.
too late to imprison my heart in the cage of love.
you are mine, dats what he said.
i was dumbfounded. 
but then he said it again. 
you are mine.
not i want you to be mine, but you are mine.
so not romantic but....
wow, such a strong statement!

i kept thinking of what he said.....


i kept wondering....
will my heart ever be yours?

p.s. don't break my heart. please get lost if you are not serious. i am not a toy, ok.

nota kepala lutut: 
tibe2 teringat dia pakai white turtleneck sweater haritu. sangat hensem! ehehehe~

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