16 January 2010

my prenatal diary

 i'm not a photophobiac, 
but the darkness had planted a soothing calmness inside me.
i don't have any aerophobia, 
but the aquarium is the only place i can breath.
and i'm definitely not a somniphobiac, 
since i'm always sleeping.
i'm a mystery because nobody can see me yet they can feel my presence.
but since the world had develop so damn fast, 
some had created a camera to spy on me. 
why they can't just let me alone?
there's no reason to interrupt me.
i'm living happily in this aquarium. 

wait a minute.
who are you?
why are you reading my diary?
go away!
shoooh shooohhhhhhhhh

week 8

this is me.... 

ok... i look like an alien. 
but u look like this when u are young too, rite?

 week 11
my thumbs taste like a lollipop. i dunno why i wanna suck it. nyum nyum

week 12 
today i gulp the water in the aquarium. wow, what a taste! i wonder why i never drink it before...  hmmm....

week 14
this aquarium is getting smaller... i've tried kicking it. 
who knows it can grow bigger.
p.s. why did every time i move i feel some pressure on my aquarium?

 week 20

i can finally hear something.

there's a weird thumping sound that sounds like this 'lup dup lup dup'
i never know where it come from, but it makes me feels safe.

somebody said something like 'it's a girl'. 
i wonder what does that means.

week 28
being upside down is fun! i think i wanna stay like this forever, lah

week 32
i'm so damn sleepy.. huarghh (yawn) nite2


week 40
strange thing happens. this aquarium is getting smaller and smaller.
everything sounds so hectic out there. 
mummy had been shouting like she's in great pain.
i wonder who had dared to hurt her...
poor mummy....

why is this aquarium is forcing me through this creepy canal?

oh my. 
what a place.
it's so damn bright and so damn noisy!!!
wrapped me in a blanket, fast!!!!!

p.s. sleeping on mama's lap is the best place in the whole earth

anyway, this is the real me.





pakcik kordi said...

subhanallah!asal kejadian kita semua ye doctor...

comel la docc...dr kecik smpai ke beso comel..heheh....=)

syam said...

oh no

ainulrhy said...

ayie: sy chumil ke pakcik? hahaha.. pandai ye u menggoda... lol

syam: nape oh no? =o

medicagirl said...

Ainul kecil imut2^^