26 January 2010

the strongest bond

i really enjoy a good patient-doctor relationship. it's simple but so effective. the benefit is that the patient trust you, even though you are just a student wearing a white coat.
so, as a reminder to doctors and future doctors, 
do create a good relationship with your patients!!!!! 

here's a few tips for you.

1. SMILE =)
first impression is important. a warm smile can make your patient feels more welcomed. it is not hard to smile, right?

2. greet them and call them by their name. 
if it's too hard to memorize their name, try to find their name on the chart beside their bed =p

3. don't ever raise your voice!!!!!!!! (unless they are deaf). 
have some empathy, lah. we are treating sick people. harsh word can only makes them sicker.

4. take care of your patient. 
take some time to sit by their side and talk with them. you can chat about their hometown, or politics. it is recommended for you to explain about their disease. however, be careful! avoid saying something like "you have only 50% chance to live". doctors are not GOD!!! we can't predict who'll die or live. and try to avoid persuasion. patients have their own right to decide what's best for them.

actually, the are lots of ways to bond with your patient. 
it's up to you on how to create a good relationship with them.

i promise you that in the end, you'll find such a great satisfaction.

even though you are overworked and not paid,
everything is worthwhile if you give all your heart into your work.

it's not the praise that's important.
it's not the gift that counts.
the greatest pleasure comes from the grateful smile from the person u have treated and their family.

connect. bond. respect. trust. privacy. care.
that's all you need!


♠♥♠ayudeadwish♠♥♠ said...

semoga ko berjaya dalam bidang ko~

pakcik kordi said...

sbb tu ramai org suka doc ainul!=)

aii pun suka yuuU!!!!

ainulrhy said...

thanks, dearie! ^.^
lame xchat dgn u eyh.. windu kamu lah. ehe~

sy s*** kamu juga..

terpaksa dicencored sebab takut saham jatuh....

fndrocka said...

JANGAN JADI doktor mata duitan noh.asalkan duit masyuk..apa pun boleh

Badrul Aini Sha'ari said...

salam perjuangan...

sudah lam tak singgah...

banyak manfaat diperoleh...

teruskan menulis... :)