10 January 2010

tears in my heart

looking outside the broken window,
my fragile heart feels so sorrow.

drops of rain should take the fire away,
but why i couldn't think the right way?

i'm lost in the maze of life, stranded in a deserted corner. 
I've always wish i could find a way out.
but alas, all i found is sadness. 
i wish i could stop the tears in my heart, just like i wipe the tears on my face.
i wish i could help my family, but all i do is just weary them out. 
this life is sickening, so excruciating, so unbearable. 
maybe i'm just too tired. or maybe i think too much. 
but the reality is there. 
the fact is the bitter truth i had to swallow. 
the problem is the real thing i had to face. 
and the hardest thing of all is that there's nothing i can do to help, 
except to pray that everything is gonna be OK.

dear ALLAH, please help us. 

9 Jan 2010,
Labuang Baji Hospital.


pakcik kordi said...

ok tk ni waks?igt waks..hidup mesti terus k...

Anonymous said...

nape ainul? ade pape ke? sedih kite bace:(
take care ok...luv u *hug*hug*

ainulrhy said...

pakcik: tak ok skit lah... erm.. i know i know... i'll keep on moving. dun worry..

anonymous: sape awak ye? mesti la ade sumthing if i wrote this...
thanks for caring.. doakan my problem selesai ye..

syam said...

haii ainul

ainulrhy said...

syam:: hye back to u mr elmo. ehe~