14 February 2010

world without a comma(,)

i miss my blog...
actually i miss my room even more..
just got back from Gowa hospital. damn tired but i got a lot of experience back there!!!!
i'm starting my 12hours shifts again tonight..
this department is really2 a world without a comma (,).
anyway, i had moved out from my apartment. 
my new room is smaller but i like the cozy feeling it gave me. i promise i'll show da pic of my new room.
and in case if u guys miss me, here's my recent pic. 
in da lecture room for OBGYN department. those models are so damn cute!

gotta go back to work.

p.s. last time i slept was 13 hours ago. wish me luck tunite! got 12 more hours to go. lalala~


pakcik kordi said...

ish,,,,igtkn baby btul2 tu td!hahahahha...apa kabar doc?lama tk dgr cte ni....

tido kena cukup docc..tk gitu?

Romeo May Cry said...

semakin membesar...ehem2

ainulrhy said...

pakcik: i ok je.. just penat sgt lately. i nk tido tp xde time. nk wat cmne?

badrul: what?