28 March 2010

a day to remember



i like those three L words.
and today i really felt the love that makes me feels alive, along with hilarious laughter shared with my beloved friends.
it's kinda weird when students on the same batch didn't get the chance to meet each other that much, but that's what happened to us in our clinical life.

now that i had moved from RUSUN, we don't really get the chance to meet each other that much. but actually, ever since we had started our clinical life, we were always busy.  sigh.
today i really enjoy myself, lepak2 with Farzaana, Syira, and Baji at Jco, gossiping and laughing like we haven't met for 10 years. 
so much to catch up, 
so much to chat about, 
and damn much to laugh about!!!
then we window shop like usual. jalan2 till kaki sakit. haha... just like old times...
afterwards we ate at PizzaHut and continue gossiping. 
well, we are normal girls, right? 
syira and farzaana

bajie and me. damn berminyak my face. ngeh3

after that, we went to the hospital to visit Balqis! she's in the first week in surgery and is being 'cooped' at the ER for a week!!!! poor balqis. if only she can join us today... =(
bal, semangat wokey!!
all five of us are great friends, and i really hope our friendship remains. 

alamak... ter'melancholy' la pulak malam ni...

i wonder what will happened next year. i'm gonna miss simple days like today damn much.
all five of us. from left: farzaana, syira, bajie, me and balqis
location: our favourite Jco. ehe~

Farzaana, Syira, Bajie and Balqis, i heart u gals damn much!!!!!!!


pakcik kordi said...

makin cntik doktor saya nie....=)

ainulrhy said...

thank u ayie.