13 March 2010

i'll be missing you

tomorrow gonna be the first day of my last week in OBGYN. 
seriously, i never thought i can go through all of the hardships. 
i've learn lots of stuffs and i never thought i can go though ten weeks without even a day off!! 
what's worse for me was that my hospital rotation was kinda bad. 
two times in Pertiwi and Fatimah hospital, which was the busiest hospital of all (can you imagine almost ten delivery per day? wow!)
once in Gowa where i had to stay for one whole week (but i got the chance to do curettage there. yeay!) 
a week at the Wahidin Hospital, where too much chemo therapies and operations were scheduled, 
and four times at Labuang Baji Hospital (i can't comment the hospital here. if you really wanna know, ask me privately about this hospital, ok?)
on my first week, i thought i'm gonna be exhausted and unhappy.
but i've thought wrong.
i enjoy almost every second in this department.
though i had to work 12 hours a day for this ten weeks without even a single day off, i never feel too drained up or anything.
incredible, right?
i am not boasting, if that's what you are thinking. 
i'm just giving myself some credit.
i had worked hard, sometimes too hard.
thus, i deserve some praises, right?
and you know what,
i think the reason i never feel so tired is because the residents here really appreciate us.
though they are tired, they taught us and they even say thanks if we help them.
'thank you' is a simple word, but it do means a lot to me.
it's like a paycheck to all of my work.

all i had to say is "i'm gonna miss this department damn much"

p.s. i think i wanna enter this department again. can i? there's so much i've learn, yet there's so many things i didn't know. hikshiks

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