16 May 2010

of weddings, fashion and cultures

i went to a wedding last night and i can't help to think about the differences of Malaysia and Indonesia in style, fashion and culture.
 if an Indonesian go to a Malaysians' wedding, i think they will say that malaysians are 'selekeh', improper or anything like that (this is my opinion, ok).
while if a Malaysian go to an Indonesians' wedding, they will say that the Indonesians really work hard to impress. can u imagine that they even went to the saloon for hairdo and makeup!
my first impression of the indonesians here is that they really2 DRESS TO IMPRESS. imagine, even a not so beautiful woman can look so pretty because of her make up and her tranparent kebaya that is traditional yet so damn sexy. sometimes, even though fats were protruding everywhere, they have an amazing confidence to wear tight outfit. and that is........ AWESOME! (i meant their bravery and confidence, ok)
now most of the weddings i've been here in Makassar is super duper beautiful because they have live bands, with colourful draperies, nice flowers and well mannered people. the guys wear coats, you know. have you ever seen Malaysian guys wearing tuxedo to a wedding? never right? (except for some of the rich and famous people, i guess).
well, maybe i am biased. here i always go to 'rich and famous' peoples' wedding (such as my supervisors' son and my very rich friend, while in Malaysia i always go to moderate peoples' wedding).
but u know what, i think the people here really think that you have to wear really nice clothing to a wedding. and not to mention they always wear similar colour (not just similar colour, but similar types of fabric!). thus, every wedding, they have one uniform, made from similar fabric but tailored into different styles, which always makes my mouth gap.

 get what i mean? my colleagues looks gorgeus and smart, right?
(this is during Tiwi's wedding at Clarion Hotel. and i think her wedding is the most beautiful wedding i've ever been v(^.^)
at another wedding. the girls wear the same fabric, but different styles. so creative and daring, right?

i am not used with the lifestyle of this people who were born with silver spoon in their mouth, which sometimes makes me feels green with jealousy, but sometimes, it makes me feels uneasy.
actually, people here in Makassar have almost similar culture with the Malay in Malaysia. one of the similarities is that on the akad nikah's day, there were 'erang- erang' which is  like the 'hantaran'. and 'malam berinai' is called 'mappacini'.
well, we ARE 'serumpun' right? ehe~

oklah. now let the pictures do the talking ^^

last thursday was my first time wearing 'baju bodo'. 
my first impression was : this is a weird clothing.
before this, i dunno how to wear it!
lia is teaching me how to wear the 'baju bodo'.
"tie your 'sarung' at the left" she said. 
if you tie it at the right, it means that you are married. 
and voila! this two malaysian girls had succeed wearing the Bugis traditional wear
(left : Balqis. right: me)
ayu and me during Dr. A's akad nikah, when we were asked to carry the 'erang2'
the 'erangers'. hahahaha

muthe', ayu and me during dr A's reception last night.
last night we were asked to be the 'pagar ayu', where we had to stand in line and greet the guests. it's so damn tiring but such a nice experience!

more piccies will be uploaded later. 

sorry to publish the pix without asking, my friends. 
please don't feel offended.
peace, no war....
btw, you guys looks AWESOME!

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ili syazwani said...

kalau kak ili pegi wedding memang selekeh. pakai kurung cotton je.

sebab rasanya, tak perlu nak berlawan cantik kan. biar pengantin je yang berseri. ary rasa macam tu jugak kan?

tapi best jugak bila kenal adat orang lain. boleh cerita macam ary cerita kat blog ni hehehehehe.