07 July 2010

hye hye^^

i look at my blog and it seems that my life was dull and nothing excited happens. but actually it's not. i DO have some fun. and recently, i went to celebrate my beloved best buddy, Ayu.
me and ayu. ehe~
Ayu's birthday was last month, but as we were so damn busy during Surgery, we celebrate it THREE weeks late! according to Indonesians' tradition, the birthday person had to pay for his/ her friends, which is very different with Malaysians. if i'm with my Malaysian friends, the birthday girl won't have to pay even a cent!
anyway, my mates during Surgery posting were really close to each other. this is because we had been together for almost three months, including those two hard weeks at the ER. so, we've decided to celebrate Ayu's birthday at POPSA, which is so beautiful and romantic! a restaurant at the seaside, where we can see the sunset, with cozy sofa's and chairs, and sentimental songs in the air. wow, that place is perfect!

me, ayu, kak ira and kak dian

and this is our birthday girl. 24, huh? ooppssss
after that, we went to photo studio and take pics. lots of pics. huhu.... narciss is not a word to describe us. we were all way too craaaaaaazzzzyyyyyyyyy to be captured in the films!
 okay okay. guess u guys wanna puke rite now, huh??? haha.. and believe me, those were only 1/3 from all of our pics!!!!!!!!
p.s. note the flowery girls wearing long dresses. we look beautiful, rite? LOL
and then we went karaoke-ing. oh my, it was so great to song our hearts out, but i did most of the shouting. haha. surgery is so damn stressfull and we let it all out that night. and of course, more photo- snapping and 'modelling'. ahaks.....

Ayu and Johan seems to really 'menghayati' their song!
 i like this mural. ok, i know my pose is weird. haha
 Ayu, are you thinking of Mr.....??????
you know, that day i had so much fun that i'm afraid i might cry after that. but those three months in surgery had been so excruciating (remember when we slept on tiles and only sleep for three hours everyday?)....
but thankfully, it is over now. now i'm in Public Health department, which is the most boring subject in Medicine. but i dare not say that it is not important. for example, today i went to the hospital, but not to check on patients. i check the dustbins, the availability of soaps and running water, antiseptics and so on. i feel like some health officer! haha.... interesting. curing people is not only by medicament, but we also had to make sure the hygiene and the universal precaution, right?
later i had to do some research at flour factory... this is so damn different from other department.. but i think i'm going to enjoy this. gotta stay positive. i'm aiming to graduate on December! please oh please pray that everything went smoothly........

oklah, gotta chow...

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