29 July 2010

my black devil

 think i haven't introduce my black devil to you guys... i simply can't live without him..
so tadaaa....
here he is.....
yeah, it's a he... just ignore the fact that he got a rose tatoo... ehe~ 
ok. i know picture quality sangat buruk...

 anyway, my passion now is leaning photoshop. no more playing games for so many hours... if i'm so stressed out, i just 'play' with photoshop... and i'm not a pro yet.. susah gila kowt... but let us see some of my projects.. ehe~
this pc is not so beautiful.. but i'm trying ok
but the long dress is so chantek!!! ayu gave it as my bday present.... i really2 like it!!!!
ini agak aneh.. but whatever lah. ehe
i like this one.. hehe... ngade2

this is my bestie, ayu... 
didn't she look like a fairy godmother?
more ayu here. she had asked me to edit her pics for her. ehe
me and naddie during Iis' wedding. i never thought that this is so simple. seriously. this pic is not so hard to edit and i like it this way...
i've posted most of these pics at my Facebook page... 
well, i am a bit narcissistic rite?
but i don't care.
i love my new passion..
thanks to my black devil..
and most of all, thanks to my parents for giving me da money to buy a new laptop.
i can't live without it.
my lecturer kept asking me to 'repair' my assignments. 
so damn stressful if i didn't have a lappy okay...
even the guy at the cc where i print my assignments werekinda confused cuz i kept coming back to print my project. hehe..

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