26 August 2010

go away pimples!

i dare not say that my face is flawless but i got some tips to share.
few years ago, my skin got lots of pimples and it is always red and itchy.
a lecturer (he's a skin specialist) look at my pimples and said that i'm stupid. oh my. how dare he?
then he gave me some tips and voila! the result is great!
did you know the secret?

at first i didn't believe that. i thought that sunblock is the last thing i need. and the first reason that i agree to try wearing a sunblock is because this place is so damn hot that i'm afraid of skin cancer. but turns out that it shields my skin not only from the sun, but it protects my skin from bacteria too!

there are some tips on how to wear a sunblock properly.
first, wear it 30 minutes before you go out.
next, it usually last for 5 hours. so don't forget to re- apply your sunblock after 5 hours!

oh ya, avoid oily products if you got oily skin.

the product that i really like is Maybelline clear smooth micro minerals liquid foundation (N02 Shell Beige)

 read what Kim Rodriguez, a make up artist think of this product here

it is a foundation with SPF 18 that gives me protection from the sun and it makes my skin looks fairer too! (note that it is a foundation, okay?)

oh ya, i got another tips.

if you got some red, inflamed pimples on your face, why don't you try to use product with Bengkoang/ Sengkoang? the Phosphor and calcium in it gives cooling effects and it also exfoliates the skin so that you may have fairer skin! 

(p.s. i use Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Mask. ehe~)

try it.


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