16 August 2010

i am so over you

I just don’t understand some kind of human being. (i can’t understand myself either. ehe~) But what makes me really2 didn’t understand is a gender called MAN. Now we have always heard how people say that woman is a complicated species. But guys are just too unbelievable! Ok, i know I’m always skeptical about guys. But wait till you hear my story. Few days ago, my ex bf called me (as usual, not using his number because he’s too stingy to waste his credit to call me). And did you know why he called? He asked if i can help him find if anyone ever made an assignment similar with his title. I said i don’t know. But he insists, asking me to search for him. Arghh. Who the hell did he think he is? And when i tell him to ask other people to help him, he asked, are you still angry at me?
No, Mr Weirdo, i am not mad at you anymore.
Though I still remember how you’ve promised to take me to break fast together during Ramadhan last year, and you forgot, twice.  Yeah, i still remember that.
 I won’t be mad at you if you didn’t call me anymore.
 I won’t be angry if you promise dat you will never ever say my name anymore.
 And it seems dat you really like to boast to people dat i am your ex gf, don’t you?
Well, take this Mr Weirdo.   
I never want to be serious with you. But i am still a human being. And i really hate broken promises.
I am so over you.I am so done trusting guys.
And you are such a weird person.

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