24 August 2010

of rains and flour mills

don't look at my jeans. just focus at the blue thing dat i must wear to cover my shoe, okay? (i'll telll you the story later. ehe~)

today i went to Forensic department to take my result.
the secretary there was 'forcing' me to buy Tupperware products from a catalog.
oh, my. those were things that my mum used to buy and i am not ready to buy dat kinda stuffs, okay.
unless i have my own home.
anyway, being a fifth year student makes me day dream so much that sometimes it makes me frustated.
this few days, i 'work' at the UNHAS policlicnic and do some medical checkup up on juniors. (yeah, batch 2010 is already here and i am still here! urgh!!)
all of them asked the same question.
and all of them gave me the same remarks "oh, so you're going to finish soon la eyh?"
four months, okay. i am not going to finish study till another slow moving FOUR months!!
why did time past so slow?
i still got three departments to look forward to.
i still got four exams to go.
oh, how i wish i can finish everything A.S.A.P.!
anyway, today i also go to the Flour Mill to take some letters. it was horrible. the workers there need so much words to be convinced about my exam procedures.
i almost cry (AGAIN??) and they left me thinking, do i have to be really2 patient to negotiate with people?
i had to admit that my research at the flour mill had gave me so much experience.
from experience on how to interact with people (different than talking to patients, okay. cuz this time i am the one who NEED something. hehe)
and i even got to enter the flour mill!! wee~~~
come come.. let's sneak a peek at the flour mill

wow, that's a lots of flour!!! (mintak sikit nak buat kuih raye boleyh taks?)
more crates waiting to be filled

the flour mills operates for 24 hours a day (now who said only doctors work 24/7?????)

and they got lots and lots of machines (i jadi orang jakun tak pernah masuk kilang. haha)
i took this picture foy my research. my lecturer said this sign is important. if there's a fire or something, people must follow this sign (but are'nt the guy in the pic is moving towards the wall? hmmm)

oh ya.. back to this pic.
there was an area where i must cover my shoes like this.
at first i thought i had to put it on my head.
and one of the worker laugh hysterically at me. damn. malu gila kowt! huh. sengal eyh aku nih?

when i was on my way home, it was raining heavily.
i feel so sad to be inside the pete2 which have no air conditioning and always left the door open.
arghhh...... if only i have a car..

but u know what?
i will never ever forget all of these great experiences in Makassar ^^

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