26 September 2010

waiting for the rainbow

i wish they have amnesia so dat they can stop telling bad things about me
i am an ordinary human, who was once fooled by the things that i thought may bring happines to me...
but i had found the place where i tripped and fall, and i'm standing up again now......
so please....
let me repent.
let me change.
give me a chance to prove that i am not her anymore
stop making me cry.
can't you see my pure intentions?
all i ask is for you to stop gossipping.
stop talking about the past.
don't hurt my fragile heart anymore.

next time you wanna say bad things about me, think twice...
is it worth it?
i believe ALLAH is fair..
and if this is a test for me, then i hope the rainbow will come soon...
p.s. i am so sorry if i ever break your heart and sorry you didn't get what you want. but i never disturb your personal life. so i hope you do the same. 

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