29 December 2010

last few days in Makassar

i've been in this hot and humid Makassar for almost five and a half years. i dare not say dat i hate this place, for this is where i've learnt so much in my life. and no matter what, being in Makassar is one of my important page in my life. The last time i met my family was a year ago....... and finally, my family is here! yeay!
my mum almost didn't recognise me as i've gain a lot of weight (kene aerobic la macam ni.. hiks)
anyway, my lil bros were so excited to take a ride on this 'bento' (like a beca + motorcycle) 

alip was very shy at first... but see how excited alip was during dinner!
amie was so curious to taste a 'bebek goreng' (fried duck)..
 nyum nyum....
i really like this rice basket. so unique lah
actually, my family come here to Makassar for my graduation day.. which is today!!!
taddaaaaa.... now i am officially dr. Ainul Rhyshikin Yusoff
taking pics with mama, babah, alieff and amie at the hotel
mama and babah at the VIP seats (our faculty gave Malaysian parents VIP seats) hehe~
me and my colleagues with our mother.
our graduation is actually on the 31st of Dec, so most of our parents had planned to come to Makassar on the 29th of Dec. but last Thursday, our Uni CHANGE our graduation date to 29th of Dec, causing only some of our parents to change their flight date. and their reason to change the date is dat they did not REALIZE dat 31st of Dec is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. weird eyh? whateverlah.
amie made this card for me... and everyone sign it... i like this a lot! 
thank u everyone ^.^

p.s. sad to leave Makassar, especially my dear. he had helped me a lot, especially when my parents is here.... but i had to believe that everything happens for a reason, and ALLAH knows the best...

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