14 December 2010

random rainbows

hey there!
what a lovely morning today, right?
i just wanna talk randomly today.
cuz i've been dying to update my blog but my wireless internet is so damn slow. *sigh
anyway, there are three hospitals near my house. 
but this one is the most beautiful, (and expensive too).  
it is called private care center.
even clinical students weren't allowed to go there.
i took this picture when i'm walking to the Wahidin's public hospital which is located just in front of this hospital.
i enjoy my morning walk very much. gonna miss dat soon. hehe..
another thing i'm gonna miss is dis....
i'm madly in love with froyo right now (yup, froyo, not frodo)
fyi, froyo is frozen yogurt
well, in case u didn't know =)
one of my fav place is Yoguville, which is located at Mtos.
my fav toppings are oranges and rainbow sprinkles... 
oh my, i'm salivating right now...
gonna get one this evening. lah. ehehe~

have you ever heard of Nike Ardilla?
i never knew her but there's so many restaurants with her name.
and this one is filled with her clothes and mannequin!
sorry for bad quality pics. i took this with my 1.3 megapixel camera in my phone.
there's 3 live sized doll dat looks like her but i forgot to take a pic.
i love her boots so much dat i even said to myself 
'what a waste to let a mannequin to wear such a beautiful thing'
ok, i sounds crazy right now...
actually i am still not so sure whether i can grad or not this dec.
i've finished all of my clinical, but as i get my result a little late, and the date to register is closed already... well, you can guess lah what happen next.
but i'm still hoping i can grad this dec. 
please pray for me..

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