17 February 2010

is it worth it?

sometimes i wonder, 

why on earth did the poor, fragile and weaklings called WOMEN had to feel such a great pain during labor. 

is those pain necessary? 

is it worth it?

if the child then become like 'Si Tenggang, then the mother's sacrifices will all be worthless. 

love your dad. 
love your mum even more. 
for without them you can never even breathe on this world.

14 February 2010

world without a comma(,)

i miss my blog...
actually i miss my room even more..
just got back from Gowa hospital. damn tired but i got a lot of experience back there!!!!
i'm starting my 12hours shifts again tonight..
this department is really2 a world without a comma (,).
anyway, i had moved out from my apartment. 
my new room is smaller but i like the cozy feeling it gave me. i promise i'll show da pic of my new room.
and in case if u guys miss me, here's my recent pic. 
in da lecture room for OBGYN department. those models are so damn cute!

gotta go back to work.

p.s. last time i slept was 13 hours ago. wish me luck tunite! got 12 more hours to go. lalala~