31 March 2010

and the award goes to........

lame tak dpt award. tibe2 dapat award...

thank you very much,

tapi ade syarat la pulak...  hiks...
sy malas bersyarat2 nih..

syarat dia adelah.....
1. link kepada pemberi award .... 
2. pass award ni kpd 15 bloggers yg sy rase fantastic??.... 
alamak... i don't really like to do this lah... sorry cik pemberi award. sape2 suke, ambiklah award ni!!! sy bg free2 utk kamuuu!!!!!!  
(actually tgh online kelam kelibut kt blik kwn. dun hv much time lah. ngeh3)
3. contact bloggers diatas supaya mereka tau mereke menang... 
sy tak tau sape yg nak bg. so can't do this too.

4. nyatakan tujuh perkara tentang sy.....this i like. ehe~
  • saye ni suke mencapub (mencari publisiti). ngeh3
  • sekarang saye suke warna merah. lalala~
  • saye gile main game. sekarang saye addicted dgn farmfrenzy2 dan winlinerz
  • saye sedang diet. jangan bg sy makan banyak2. okay?
  • saye selalu berangan. dr kecik suke berangan. hihi.
  • saye sangat suke edit gambar.tp gune powerpoint je.
  • saye suke belajar jadi dokter!!! medicine is fun, fun and fun!!! (i am not nerdy okay)

okay saye sudah habis. hehehehehehe....
ahad ni saye mulai terperuk di Emergency Room selama seminggu 
(seminggu tak balik?? oh no)
tido 3 jam sehari, terperuk tak boleh balik....
lepas tu kene pergi luar negeri seminggu.
dan kembali ke ER on the third week.
3 minggu tak balik rumah!?!?!?!
doakan saye ye!!!!!!

saye tgh siapkn mental nih....

28 March 2010

a day to remember



i like those three L words.
and today i really felt the love that makes me feels alive, along with hilarious laughter shared with my beloved friends.
it's kinda weird when students on the same batch didn't get the chance to meet each other that much, but that's what happened to us in our clinical life.

now that i had moved from RUSUN, we don't really get the chance to meet each other that much. but actually, ever since we had started our clinical life, we were always busy.  sigh.
today i really enjoy myself, lepak2 with Farzaana, Syira, and Baji at Jco, gossiping and laughing like we haven't met for 10 years. 
so much to catch up, 
so much to chat about, 
and damn much to laugh about!!!
then we window shop like usual. jalan2 till kaki sakit. haha... just like old times...
afterwards we ate at PizzaHut and continue gossiping. 
well, we are normal girls, right? 
syira and farzaana

bajie and me. damn berminyak my face. ngeh3

after that, we went to the hospital to visit Balqis! she's in the first week in surgery and is being 'cooped' at the ER for a week!!!! poor balqis. if only she can join us today... =(
bal, semangat wokey!!
all five of us are great friends, and i really hope our friendship remains. 

alamak... ter'melancholy' la pulak malam ni...

i wonder what will happened next year. i'm gonna miss simple days like today damn much.
all five of us. from left: farzaana, syira, bajie, me and balqis
location: our favourite Jco. ehe~

Farzaana, Syira, Bajie and Balqis, i heart u gals damn much!!!!!!!

16 March 2010

aku tak mau sendiri

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Sejak Ia pergi dari hidupku

ku merasa sepi

dia tinggalkan ku sendiri

tanpa satu yang pasti


aku tak tau harus bagaimana

aku merasa tiada berkawan

selain dirimu

selain cintamu

Kirim aku malaikatmu

biar jadi kawan hidupku

dan tunjukan jalan yang memang

kau pilihkan untukku

Kirim aku malaikatmu

karena ku sepi berada di sini

dan di dunia ini

aku tak mau sendiri

tanpa terasa aku

teteskan air mata ini

yang tiada berhenti

mengiringi kisah di hati

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13 March 2010

i'll be missing you

tomorrow gonna be the first day of my last week in OBGYN. 
seriously, i never thought i can go through all of the hardships. 
i've learn lots of stuffs and i never thought i can go though ten weeks without even a day off!! 
what's worse for me was that my hospital rotation was kinda bad. 
two times in Pertiwi and Fatimah hospital, which was the busiest hospital of all (can you imagine almost ten delivery per day? wow!)
once in Gowa where i had to stay for one whole week (but i got the chance to do curettage there. yeay!) 
a week at the Wahidin Hospital, where too much chemo therapies and operations were scheduled, 
and four times at Labuang Baji Hospital (i can't comment the hospital here. if you really wanna know, ask me privately about this hospital, ok?)
on my first week, i thought i'm gonna be exhausted and unhappy.
but i've thought wrong.
i enjoy almost every second in this department.
though i had to work 12 hours a day for this ten weeks without even a single day off, i never feel too drained up or anything.
incredible, right?
i am not boasting, if that's what you are thinking. 
i'm just giving myself some credit.
i had worked hard, sometimes too hard.
thus, i deserve some praises, right?
and you know what,
i think the reason i never feel so tired is because the residents here really appreciate us.
though they are tired, they taught us and they even say thanks if we help them.
'thank you' is a simple word, but it do means a lot to me.
it's like a paycheck to all of my work.

all i had to say is "i'm gonna miss this department damn much"

p.s. i think i wanna enter this department again. can i? there's so much i've learn, yet there's so many things i didn't know. hikshiks

06 March 2010

my new heaven

hey there! 
i've promised to show da pic of my new room, right?
it is much smaller than my old room back in RUSUN, but i like it!
 so here it, is... 
agak serabut sebab barang banyak. tapi i suke macam ni.
katil dan meja study yang disediakan terpaksa 'dibuang' sebab nak jimat space.
meja study ni sebenarnye tinggi. 
tapi i modify jadikan rendah dan dua layer supaya mudah. 
kreatif tak?
mungkin i terpengaruh dengan babah.
he always modified stuffs. 
 i was so bored few hours ago that i took the 'magical chalk' ('kapur ajaib') and write on my wall. 
kapur ajaib tu sebenarnye untuk mematikan semut. 
bukan untuk conteng2. 

i suke bilik baru i.
walaupun kecik, tp ade toilet sendiri. 
tak payah keluar nak beratur macam kat asrama. 

dat's all for now!

04 March 2010



04 Mac 2010, 06.19pm
di saat aku merindukanmu yang tidak merindui aku

go away weakness

sometimes i think i'm cheating myself.
i smile, i laugh, i enjoy.
but there were times when i felt like something is missing.
something is not here.
and i don't even know what that 'something' is.

wait a minute....
i think i know what is not here.
i think i know where i had lost that 'something'.
and i think i know how i can get it back.
but my heart is like a black coal.
a hard, black coal covered with mud.

as tears began to fall on my keyboard.
i take myself into a deep journey into finding the true me.
but hey, i'm almost 23 years old!
too old to still finding my own soul, right?
but i can't even trust myself.
i can't even approve my own choice.
i can't make a decision that i really want.

my soul is raging, screaming, shouting for help.
and i ignore it. 
and you know what's the worst part of all?
the worst is that i put on a mask and act like nothing ever happened.

if only they know what lies beneath my skull.
if only they see the dirty linen beneath the heaps of clothes,
if only they realize that the plastic doll is not a genuine Barbie.

the path i had chosen is the right one.
but sometimes i still want to turn left.

who i really am?
i mean, who am i?
who is this girl?
i don't even know her now.
i don't know what she really is.
and i don't understand what exactly she wants.

*people said that personality can change like the sands of the beach. and i agree.
now i don't even know what is my personality.
sometimes i'm strong, sometimes i'm weak.
and i hate it when i'm weak.