23 April 2010

let it be on a hard cold tile, as long as we can rest!

tak perlu kata2 untuk mengungkapkan betapa penatnya kami semua.
di mana2 pun boleh tidur.
di atas tile dalam kamar koas, 
di atas kerusi batu di depan radiologi centre, 
atau di atas kerusi kayu dalam Emergency Room.
dua minggu terkurung dalam ER memang mencabar.
tidur hanya 3jam sehari (tapi i suke curi2 tidur), 
 kerja pun sangat banyak.
fuh... sangat2 penat!
kalau tengok kitorang tidur....macam pelarian pun ade kan, kan?
tapi takpe. demi ilmu, dan demi patient kami, InsyaALLAH, we will survive.
just say this words and we'll be fine


19 April 2010

short message from my heart

damn! life is getting hectic day by day. i'm losing my patience and my strength slowly and excruciatingly. i hate posting negative stuffs. but i hate to lie too. argh!!!!!!!!!

03 April 2010

surgery, here i come!!!

i'm entering surgery!!!
another tough 11 weeks is waiting for me...
i'm so damn nervous, but i really hope i can survive.
so chaiyok2 ainul!!
u can do it!!!!

preparing for surgery really cost me time (and money too)
first, i need a new watch
(my old watch didn't have the 'jarum saat'... errr... dunno the english term for that. ehe)
here's my new watch!

the best rp45k I've ever spent!!! (it's cheap rite? but i like it!)
it's like love at the first sight! lol

this week i've spent my time by window shopping. 
jalan2 at the makeup area 
(i wonder when i can wear stuffs like that. can anybody teach me? =p)
pic taken at Rumah Mode,a homey and lovely place to window shop.
this is me and ayu.
since both of us are single, 
we've decided to spend our holiday together.
and it was awesome! 
both of us really made a good clique.

i enjoy trying out those lovely stuffs.
for example, this sandal is gorgeous!!!

i'm crazy for cleopatra style now so i'll try out all things that looks like egyptian style.
ngeh ngeh ngeh.

p.s. don't worry, babah.
i know.... PRIORITIES are important.
dun wanna spend your money on stuffs i don't need. ehe~

oh ya, i bought myself a comfy sandal (or should i say, selipar jepun?)
i'm getting bored of pink now,
and my old sandal is so thin right now.
gonna need a comfy sandal as in surgery we will stand and run? a lot!!!!

and as usual, meds stuffs and books are required!!!!!
my old sphygmo was broken, and i hate to spend my money on this! 

and not to forget other equipments
 stethoscope. thermometers, scissor, plaster, penlight, etc.

i got three scrubs, but i've lost one at LB hospital.
dunno who stole it.
gonna curse that person my whole life.
it's rp85k, ok!!! and there's my name written on it!
why the hell people wanna steal that stuff!?!?!
so, i had to borrow my friend's scrubs. gonna need a lot cuz i had to wear it 24/7 next week at the ER!
(which is good cuz i don't have to think of what to wear. lol)

as usual, spending a lot of time at hospital means more susceptible to infections. so protections are important!!!
i know i'm working in a hospital. but hey, there's nothing wrong by getting ready right?
anyway, the counterpain is very helpful for sore legs... as i've told you before, lots of standing required in surgery!!!
you know what? we also had to buy lots of gloves and maskers. *sigh
my money flows like running waters and i haven't entered the department yet! 

btw, i also bought a cute plastic bag for rp20k to put all of my stuffs. 
it's so damn cute, right, right!!!
now i'm ready for surgery!!! yeay!!
(but why isn't my heart cheering?)

02 April 2010


 i have a pic that i wanna share with you guys.

har har (nothing than a cynical enough is an appropriate reaction for this pic)

anyway, this is a real threat!

i was shocked when i first read it, thinking it was some kind of stupid joke or something like that.
but hell, those nurses are damn serious!

so guys, don't sit or sleep on patient's bed if you are not a patient!