28 August 2010


tak terasa dah hari ke 18 Ramadhan.
tak lame lagi nak raye dah.
xnak raye boleyh tak?
raye tahun lepas sangat best.
tapi raya tahun ni hambar sebab sekali lagi (dan buat kali terakhirnya) aku sambut raya di perantauan.
sepatutnya aku boleh cuti seminggu, tapi tak nak. rasanya lebih sanggup duty kat hospital dari duduk rumah. nanti sedih.

aku teringat persiapan raya tahun lepas..... kalau raya kat kampung tak sah kalau tak buat lemang.
lemang sebelum dibakar (aku yang paling expert masukkan daun dlm buluh taw). ehe~
salai ayam untuk masak rendang
babah tengah bersihkan halaman rumah nenek(aku dgn amie berposing je)

lepas tu masa pagi raya, semua berebut nak seterika baju. kadang2 malam aku dah iron semua baju. malas nak kecoh pagi2. kalau lambat mesti nenek akan cakap 'doreh doreh' (deras atau cepat)
aku dgn nenek =)
pagi2 biasanya makan lemang dengan rendang sebelum pergi sembahyang raya. lepas sembahyang raya, mesti semua dah beratur nak mintak duit raya. 
tapi bukan itu yang aku rindu. (walaupun lepas ni dah tak layak dapat duit raya).
aku rindu pada sesi bermohon maaf. 
rasa sebak je bila teringat tahun ni tak dapat cium tangan mama dengan babah masa hari raya... hiks....
oklah. tak nak sedih2. 
lepas sesi mohon maaf, biasanya kami bergambar sama2. hehe
my beloved family

habis sesi bergambar, aku akan susun kuih raya kat ruang tamu. 
alieff suka 'curik' kuih raya kat depan, jadi mama bagi dia satu tupperware untuk dia sorang. haha
tengah hari hari raya pertama, kami sekeluarga akan ke kubur arwah nenek dan atuk belah babah. lepas tu beraya kat umah keluarga babah yang lain.  
memandangkan kami semua dah 'besar', biasanya naik dua kereta baru selesa. 
tapi takpe. ada 'driver' baru. hehehe.
my bro, arieff a.k.a. our new driver
hari raya ketiga wajib ke kampung babah sebab ada kenduri. masa tu meriah sangat2. 
kami masak sama2, main sama2, dan yang paling best, semua pakai baju warna sama!
cucu arwah Ali Bedah. tahun lepas warna coklat. tahun ni merah. wow. mesti gempak kan warna merah?
tahun ni aku dengan arieff tak beraya kat rumah (arieff baru berangkat ke US 2 minggu lepas. he's taking Chem Engineering at Ohio Statu University for two years). 
mama jangan sedih okay? kan adik2 lain ada.
nanti malam raya kita boleyh webcam sama2. ehehehe~

arghh... rindunya kampung !!!
raya tahun ni tak boleh menangis. 
kan raye terakhir kat makassar.
kan, kan?

26 August 2010

go away pimples!

i dare not say that my face is flawless but i got some tips to share.
few years ago, my skin got lots of pimples and it is always red and itchy.
a lecturer (he's a skin specialist) look at my pimples and said that i'm stupid. oh my. how dare he?
then he gave me some tips and voila! the result is great!
did you know the secret?

at first i didn't believe that. i thought that sunblock is the last thing i need. and the first reason that i agree to try wearing a sunblock is because this place is so damn hot that i'm afraid of skin cancer. but turns out that it shields my skin not only from the sun, but it protects my skin from bacteria too!

there are some tips on how to wear a sunblock properly.
first, wear it 30 minutes before you go out.
next, it usually last for 5 hours. so don't forget to re- apply your sunblock after 5 hours!

oh ya, avoid oily products if you got oily skin.

the product that i really like is Maybelline clear smooth micro minerals liquid foundation (N02 Shell Beige)

 read what Kim Rodriguez, a make up artist think of this product here

it is a foundation with SPF 18 that gives me protection from the sun and it makes my skin looks fairer too! (note that it is a foundation, okay?)

oh ya, i got another tips.

if you got some red, inflamed pimples on your face, why don't you try to use product with Bengkoang/ Sengkoang? the Phosphor and calcium in it gives cooling effects and it also exfoliates the skin so that you may have fairer skin! 

(p.s. i use Mustika Ratu Bengkoang Mask. ehe~)

try it.



i dream to be an OBGYN specialist and i want to have a happy family.
but some people say that you can't have FAMILY and CAREER on the successful path.
unless you are somehow SPECIAL.

i wanna fly and glide along the rainbows of life.
i want to hold my breath and swim in the oceans of troubles.
let me soar in the wicked wind.
let me be......a SPECIAL someone

p.s. there is nothing wrong to DREAM BIG right? the outcome is not as important as the journey. lalalala~

24 August 2010

of rains and flour mills

don't look at my jeans. just focus at the blue thing dat i must wear to cover my shoe, okay? (i'll telll you the story later. ehe~)

today i went to Forensic department to take my result.
the secretary there was 'forcing' me to buy Tupperware products from a catalog.
oh, my. those were things that my mum used to buy and i am not ready to buy dat kinda stuffs, okay.
unless i have my own home.
anyway, being a fifth year student makes me day dream so much that sometimes it makes me frustated.
this few days, i 'work' at the UNHAS policlicnic and do some medical checkup up on juniors. (yeah, batch 2010 is already here and i am still here! urgh!!)
all of them asked the same question.
and all of them gave me the same remarks "oh, so you're going to finish soon la eyh?"
four months, okay. i am not going to finish study till another slow moving FOUR months!!
why did time past so slow?
i still got three departments to look forward to.
i still got four exams to go.
oh, how i wish i can finish everything A.S.A.P.!
anyway, today i also go to the Flour Mill to take some letters. it was horrible. the workers there need so much words to be convinced about my exam procedures.
i almost cry (AGAIN??) and they left me thinking, do i have to be really2 patient to negotiate with people?
i had to admit that my research at the flour mill had gave me so much experience.
from experience on how to interact with people (different than talking to patients, okay. cuz this time i am the one who NEED something. hehe)
and i even got to enter the flour mill!! wee~~~
come come.. let's sneak a peek at the flour mill

wow, that's a lots of flour!!! (mintak sikit nak buat kuih raye boleyh taks?)
more crates waiting to be filled

the flour mills operates for 24 hours a day (now who said only doctors work 24/7?????)

and they got lots and lots of machines (i jadi orang jakun tak pernah masuk kilang. haha)
i took this picture foy my research. my lecturer said this sign is important. if there's a fire or something, people must follow this sign (but are'nt the guy in the pic is moving towards the wall? hmmm)

oh ya.. back to this pic.
there was an area where i must cover my shoes like this.
at first i thought i had to put it on my head.
and one of the worker laugh hysterically at me. damn. malu gila kowt! huh. sengal eyh aku nih?

when i was on my way home, it was raining heavily.
i feel so sad to be inside the pete2 which have no air conditioning and always left the door open.
arghhh...... if only i have a car..

but u know what?
i will never ever forget all of these great experiences in Makassar ^^

20 August 2010


i am still exhilarated on my own achievements this few days!
ok, i know that it is not good to be proud of yourself but i earn it after striving hard finishing my reports and assignments.
alhamdulillah, few more weeks and i'll end my co-ass in public health department.
last week i had been so depressed. my research was postponed, the weather was so damn hot, and my personal life sucks.
but yesterday i feel great. and i learn that i can't have everything in my life.
so i gotta choose my goal. 
and i must focus on what i want.
from now on, i will always look ahead =)

jangan datang lagi

depresi, jangan datang lagi. 
aku mahu semua hari seperti semalam.
boleh tak?

16 August 2010

i am so over you

I just don’t understand some kind of human being. (i can’t understand myself either. ehe~) But what makes me really2 didn’t understand is a gender called MAN. Now we have always heard how people say that woman is a complicated species. But guys are just too unbelievable! Ok, i know I’m always skeptical about guys. But wait till you hear my story. Few days ago, my ex bf called me (as usual, not using his number because he’s too stingy to waste his credit to call me). And did you know why he called? He asked if i can help him find if anyone ever made an assignment similar with his title. I said i don’t know. But he insists, asking me to search for him. Arghh. Who the hell did he think he is? And when i tell him to ask other people to help him, he asked, are you still angry at me?
No, Mr Weirdo, i am not mad at you anymore.
Though I still remember how you’ve promised to take me to break fast together during Ramadhan last year, and you forgot, twice.  Yeah, i still remember that.
 I won’t be mad at you if you didn’t call me anymore.
 I won’t be angry if you promise dat you will never ever say my name anymore.
 And it seems dat you really like to boast to people dat i am your ex gf, don’t you?
Well, take this Mr Weirdo.   
I never want to be serious with you. But i am still a human being. And i really hate broken promises.
I am so over you.I am so done trusting guys.
And you are such a weird person.

08 August 2010

my first design

hey there..
just wanna show u guys the 'jubah' i design special for my friend's wedding 
(i think i won't buy new clothes for 'hari raya'. i'll just wear this one. ehe~)
well, look at the small pic.... 
i got inspiration from 'Mona Lisa' shop, which sells so many beautiful fabrics...
i really like arabian style... 
though some of my friends said that i look like some kind of gypsy girl. 
what's more important that is i really2 like the result! 

p.s. wanna know my dirty little secret? 
i had this ridiculous dream to be a model. haha...