26 January 2011

fear of white coats

i was blogwalking when i came across a segment in this blog  titled Anda Takut Doktor Tak? 
this is a common topic. so many people are afraid of doctors (or should i say... Iatrophobia?). 
now, the question is 
'why are they afraid of us?'
we look like other people. 
we eat. 
we talk. 
we walk
and we SMILE.
so...... what's to be afraid of?

anyway, did you know that doctors feel scared too? 
we are scared of rich patient that always tell us what to do, 
based on what they read on the net instead of trusting us. 
life had changed. 
people had become more intelligent. 
i had to admit that it is good to learn about disease from Mr. Google,
but just as a reference okay, people!

once there was a cardiologist, feared by medical students like me (err... i'm not a student anymore.. hihi), for he is so bright but always ask us questions that we could find answers on any book... 
one day a patient said to him 'doctor, i'll pay anything. just do a bypass surgery on me!' 
now the thing is, the patient does not need a bypass surgery! 
no matter how great a drama on tv, nothing beats a real life drama... 
life is full of dilemmas, right?

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