23 January 2011

i miss my hectic life! =(

i was looking at my album when i saw this pic. 
took this pic during opthalmology posting. 
you know what?
i miss my 'hospital life'... 
in fact i miss it so much that i can't wait to work! 
i know that there will be so many obstacles when i start to work but still.... 
i hate a long vacation. though it is fun to spend lots of time with my family, i can't live like this everyday. i need to meet new people. that's why i love working at the hospital. though i work at the same environment everyday, i get to meet new people, watch new 'real life drama' and learn new things. 
i miss those good old times when i work 12 hours a day. tiresome, but exciting. i know it sounds weird but that is me.
let's just hope dat when i start working as a houseman i won't regret i've said this. hehe...
p.s. wanna know what i also miss? 
i miss this red runner shoes! the most comfortable flats... ever! but i left it at Makassar (stupid)
p.s.s. i really love to wear flats during 'working' at the hospital. so comfy that i can run!

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