13 January 2011

pathway to be a House Officer (HO)

yesterday i went to Putrajaya to register as a qualified Medical Doctors. 
trust me, the processes were kinda confusing at first, because i didn't know what exactly i should do first.

but with discussions, Mr. Google, and this useful table showed to me by my colleague,  i finally understand the procedures.

please refer to the latest JPA contact person at SPA here
before going to the Ministry, i had prepared several things:-
1) copies of academic result, medical degree (as an Indonesian graduate, i also copy my S. Ked), IC, birth certificate and SPM result (if you have lost your SPM  result, just get a copy at Block E 11)
2) fill the SPA application form online and PRINT
3) print the JPA form and fill the form (this is only for JPA loan and 'biasiswa' students)
4) passport picture
at Putrajaya, first, we go to Bahagian Sumber Manusia at KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, located at the 9th floor of Block E7, Precint E)
there,we were given a form, which we must fill (thank god i had saved my PARENT's IC NUMBER had already discussed the locations that i wanted to work with my parents. it really helps!)

then i go to JPA, precisely at the 5th floor, Bahagian Pembangunan Insan, Presint 2 to report that i had finished studying.
here i had to give the JPA form, printed SPA form, result, degree (this can be done by post)

so now the next step is to  fill in the Malaysian Medical Counsil form.
my head jammed a little bit right now. so many things to do, lah. owh owh.. help....

p.s. did you know that you can check whether your university is qualified or not? i am surprised to see this link. hehe..

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