24 February 2011

and the clock strike 12

i feel like it was yesterday when i come to Makassar, on a journey to gather knowledge and life values and morals, when suddenly i am here --> on my 2nd day of induction and 4 days to go until i'll start working in Malacca. wow, this is big!
people kept telling me that they had been dreaming to be a doctor but they didn't got the chance. but i can see that he/ she enjoys their work so much. so does it matter if u didn't achieve ur dream but u r doing something u like?
intelligent alone can't create a doctor. an orthopaedic surgeon once said 'it is alright if u r stupid. but it is fatal if u have a bad attitude'  
and how can u be a positive person with a good attitude? 
the answer is simple: u must have passion in what u do.. 
insyaALLAH, u'll be a useful person..... amin
just now, a colleague ask our fasilitator, "what if we saw someone on the road, injured due to accident. can we help them? what if the person died on the spot and we were blamed?"
seriously, i found that question intriguing. 
she's worried of being sued rather that saving a human's life?
or maybe she wants to help but was taught at the oversea that the case is not her responsibility..
and the fasilitator said that we work 24 hours. and we have a responsibility. so we must help, lah!
i mean, think logically lah, how can u let a person bleed to death if u can help? i think dat it is more like a MORAL issue..... right?
now the clock has struck to 12, 
and an adventorous new journey begins.......

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