03 February 2011

medical doctor interview

one of the most important thing before being a doctor is the INTERVIEW.
many are scared, so they studied day and night for their interview. i am one of them, but i studied "ELLE" magazine a day before the interview, which help nothing for my interview. huhu...
although i live in Mersing, i can't choose any place near home as the interview for Medical Doctor is only held at Putrajaya. perhaps it is not easy to call a doctor who had time to interview us. but dat's just a guess.
so here's how it goes:
Int.1: Introduce yourself
Me: My name is Ainul Rhyshikin Yusoff, i was born on 22nd of July 1987, i study at ... (bla bla bla)
Int. 1: Why did you want to be a doctor?
Me: I like to interact with people and by being a doctor, i get the chance not to only meet people, but also to help sick people. 
Int. 1: How did you see yourself in five years?
Me: i see myself taking OnG specialty. i found OnG is fun and interesting. although it is tiring, but it is all worth it.
Int. 1: Are you aware of the housemanship in Malaysia?
Me: Yes. i have read blogs and asked my seniors about their work. it's ok if they say bad things because i want to be prepared for whatever obstacles i will face.
Int.1: What obstacles did you face in Indonesia
Me: There are some people there dat didn't like us as a Malaysian, but all i can do is just be polite and respect them...
Int.1: What did you think are the quality of a good doctor?
Me: i think the most important quality is how a doctor interact with people. when a patient come to see a doctor the first thing they look is how the doctor greet the patient and how they talk. then, the doctor must be well educated and intelligent. i mean, how can they cure people if hey didn't know the theory, right?

My answers weren't exactly like that. i think i talk a lil bit too much by elaborating. ahaks.
then it was the time for the second interviewer, who's a doctor:
Here's the questions:
Since you are interested in OnG, what did you know about the Maternal Mortality Rate?
What are the MMR rate in Malaysia?
Why does MMR important?
What are the main cause of maternal death?
What are the differences of pre eclampsia and eclampsia?
What causes seizure in eclampsia?
What is the second cause of maternal death?
How did we manage blood loss?

i didn't know all of the answers but i think it went well. hehe..
hope everything is ok. 


hawa said...

wow..akhirnya jumpe gak blogger medic..tak kesah ah dari mne kan..kite kongsi2 lah pengalaman sket2...

Saya ngah posting OnG. esok End posting..wish me luck!!!

ainulrhy said...

hawa: bgs tu.. leh kongsi2 pengalaman. i belum start HO lg.. br je interview... ehe
all da best ye... =)

balqis said...

kau da tanye ke result interview?

ainulrhy said...

bell: blum lah... aku je blk mersing nih... hehe