23 March 2011

amazingly, insanely beautiful!

you know what?
i had just realized that Melaka is so beautiful at night...

today i've decided to drive along the historical melaka, and i love every corner of this place!
(actually i was kinda bored since i spend so much time at the hospital, and i need to see something beautiful, a.s.a.p.!)
i've stolen taken this pic from here... u can see this view along the the well known river cruise path.... 
p.s. last week i've tried the river cruise with my parents. i enjoy the ride bt i almost dozed off halfway back (i was in post call mode at that time.. huhu)

along the river cruise path, you can also see the eye on Melaka (pic from here)...
and also this beautiful dancing fountain!
this guy here really had done a great job capturing these pics!

i was alone just now, so i just drive slowly and enjoy these view...
annd someway, somehow,  the jonker walk also seems  really nice at night
actually, traditional design wasn't really my thing but i found these place amazingly, insanely beautiful!

and when a bit of modern style added, it really melts my heart
(find out more on Jonker Walk from here)

seriously, i think i wanna stay here like, forever.

p.s. when they say that u could never get lost in Melaka, they were right. 
i actually didn't know where i was going, but i manage to find my way back home easily..


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ainulrhy said...

thank u dale tuck.... ^^