14 March 2011

hyperlacrimation due to sloppy morning rounds

"i know you. i've heard that your knowledge is very little. did you want me to call dr. X and report you? do you want to be extended? is this how you do morning rounds?"

yesterday was a very very very VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY horror day for me..
but i've learnt my lesson. 
no more sloppy morning rounds.
and i should read more.
i can't let him think that i'm stupid or lazy.

seriously, am i that bad? 
sometimes i feel like it is so hard to learn and work at the same time.
there's still so much to learn and i'm still trying my best to cope.

surprisingly, today i'm still high spirited, as always.
and i hope the upcoming days will always be another bright day for me...
p.s. after 2 weeks sleeping on the floor, mama and babah gave me a bed for my apartment. yeay!
p.s.s. my clothes are still inside my luggage. had to wait for first salary (which probably in two months time) before buying any furniture. hehe~


Shahnaz.Levy said...

kekalkan semangatmu sayang..
all the best. muahs :*

ainulrhy said...

huhu... thank you dear...
you get better get ready mental n physical...
we gotta learn fast, walk fast and work faster!

balqis said...

esok aku ade xray conference.gotta prove myself too to d specialist,MOs n senior HOs.it's either tomorow i prove to them im not that blurr o ill b putting myself lower than that, blurrest,weakest :(.mcm nak kne hukum gantung plaks.

ainulrhy said...

good luck for your conference! ala kau mesti boleh la. esok 1st time aku on call! da la in charge of two wards! huuuu~