11 March 2011

language barrier

there's a foreign patient who doesn't know how to speak malay and knows only a little english...
seriously, it is so troublesome to get a history of his sickness.
too bad no one speak his languange. his friends had already go back home. and at that time, i feel so confused, that i wish i know how to speak Bangladesh!

during rounds, a specialist ask him to tell us his complains in his own language (and while he do dat, we had to try to understand each complains)
looking at our blank stare, he looks so frustated...
at last, he use sign languange to describe his pain (pain is apparently his favourite word)
the session took so long, and in the end, we end up laughing.

if someone said that working at a hospital is stressful, i doubt that. there's a lot of reason to smile, and i hope i can find at least one reason to smile each day...

p.s. my mum will be coming tomorrow! yeay!

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