03 March 2011

my first day of tagging

today i woke up lazily, with spirit so low because it's my first day of tagging! actually i was excited about it last week but yesterday's incident had taken me down the hill so fast that i feel so not ready to start tagging. sometimes, i feel like i had chosen the wrong profession..... but after starting my car's engine and listening to my favourite songs..., i feel a little bit more energetic. 

i said to myself "i'm a doctor now. this is what i do! if i didn't take care of myself, then who will???"
as i'm still in my orientation week, i walk around the hospital during the office hours and ask for simple introduction from each department. then at 6pm, the 'real' thing begins......
the 1st ward that i went is the dengue ward, where there was so many blood need to be taken! it's a very good way to refresh my 'blood drawing' techniques. but the ward wasn't in active mode since there are not so many dengue cases in this season.
then i go to 2 other wards, where i do nothing except walking and looking around.
thus, i decided to go to an active ward.
at the ward, me and my colleagues were very welcomed.
there were so many things to do. draw blood, take patient history, clerk patient case, present case...
wow, i haven't done this for a while! (fyi, my first clerking was a little bit KO.. huuu~)
it's a little bit shocking, but the specialist, the MO and the 'senior' housemans were very friendly. 
however, there are two moments that makes me wanna cry today.
1st time is when i draw a patient's blood, and suddenly she asked me 'doctor, have you eaten?'
i answered 'no, not yet'
then she seems so worried and i feel so touched. (you are so sweet lah auntie! =) )
2nd time is when my friend tried to draw another patient's blood, with such a difficulty (the patient's veins are so hard to localised that i raise a white flag)....and the patient said 'kesian doktor'...
oh my... it is she who's in pain because of the needle prick. yet she feel so sympathy that she even pray for us???
my tagging was supposed to be from 6pm to 10 pm, yet i went home at 11pm.
but i went home feeling contented, and now i finally realise that i haven't choose the wrong profession....
i really hope that i can be a good doctor... amin.....
oklah, now i wanna sleep like this garlfield!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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