03 June 2011

help will come!

it was a great crisis in medical department.
apparently, our beloved leader make a huge decision that triggers heat among us --> which is to get help from the seniors.
being one of the houseman in medical department, i decided to speak up on behalf of the nine that are currently in Medical Department.

THANK YOU for helping us, i said.

now i don't have to do EOD (every other day) on call.
and i think i have enough sleep .
i can even actually 'breath' easier.
and i finally can see my friend smiling.
not that we did not smile before...
but tiredness had drained all of our energy.

and now that help had come, and new taggers came along,
i feel so damn relieved.

hang on my dear friends.
help has come.

and i promise you.....
the age of darkness will soon leave us..

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