28 June 2011

Ready, Aim, Love!

it's my 6th day of holiday and i do everything i couldn't do for the past four months.
i slept as much as i can, and when i'm bored of sleeping, i started to play games again.
today i woke up early, not to go to work, but to turn myself into a hypnotized zombie....
i know u are wondering, 
what on earth had transformed this young doctor into another creature?
i beg you, please don't laugh at me..
actually, i just found a new game inside my mother's laptop that immediately catches my attention.
it's another Flo games!!!!!
just when i thought i've conquered all diner dash series, i found a new series which could not stop me from challenging myself to start playing till the end!
just name it...
all diner dash series?

parking dash?
cooking dash?
i've conquered them all.
hahaha (evil laugh)
i know i sound childish but strategy games makes my mind working.
and nothing feels better than getting EXPERT title at all levels.

oklah. i need to continue my adventure with the clumsy little cupid in Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!

(now when will the cupid struck me with his bows of love? hmm)

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