20 July 2011

now i know why it is more important than money

imagine trapped in a capsule of time,
where you can see the outside but no one can hear you....

sometimes it feels like my wing was broken
which is kinda weird.. (cause I don't even have wings. ehe.)

this few days i have a feeling that i procrastinate too much!
no matter how much time i was given, it is always not enough.
and in the end, i found myself so frustrated and agitated!

so i set a new goal, as i'm approaching 24 years old soon, not to let things behind and prioritize on the right thing.

all work and no play makes jack a dull boy 
but all play and no work makes me a dumb doctor!

i got more time in this department,
i mean, i can finally went back home at 5pm! *wow*
but i found myself being such a couch potato and a hibernating bear.

no matter how much time i given it is still not enough.
money can be find. 
but where in the hell can you replace all of the lost time?
now i know why TIME is more important than money...

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