03 July 2011

oh how i love my job!

i just love seeing those cute babies to be born, to see expecting mother so anxious and excited, to see proud to be father reciting azan for their new one.
oh, my.
seriously, OnG is such a beautiful department!

my highlight of the day is when i was having a trouble to insert a branula.
the patient's vein is so hard to be found.
a specialist saw me trying and he immediately come to help me.
'i know what is lacking'
i put a questioning look
'you just need to smile!' he said to the pregnant lady.
the lady smiled and the branula was inserted so smooth and quickly that it amazed me.
it's not his 'branula inserting' skill dat attracted me, but the way he approaches the lady was simply amazing...

p.s. i think i want to be like the specialist, lah. huuu~

p.s.s suke main2 dengan baby.. lalala~


BaYu said...

eeee...first tengok rasa excited. Mase tu tgh program pendedahan kerjaya doktor. huhuh..

ainulrhy said...

hehe... best kan, kan?
owh ade rupenye program macam tu ye... *curious*