15 July 2011

tag until u drop!

tagging is such a tiring process.
everyday i can only go back home at 10pm, which is so damn tiring.
last night i even slept on my sofa without even showering.
sofa saye warne merah! wuuu
and when i woke up at 4 am, i was like "alamak. tertido atas sofa lah" *tepuk dahi geleng kepala*
but today i am so excited as i've passed my assesment.
which means i can finally go back at 5 pm tomorrow!
i can't wait to go back at 5 pm (i never went back home at 5pm before this)

first thing i'll do tomorrow : pay my BIS (blackberry internet service)
me n my torchie ^wink^

ngeh ngeh ngeh

senyum lebar gila sebab dah habis tagging.. 


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