22 July 2011

they lie when they said age does not matter

one day, during rounds, my specialist said to a patient
"wow, u are 24 and u already have 3 kids!"
then she turned to my friend and asked her,
"a*****, how old are you?"
"24, doctor" answered my friend with a sheepish smile.

so here we are, looking at two woman with the same age 
(three if include me. i'm 24 too!)

one with 3 kids

and me and my colleague had not even married yet.


you know what?

as we were getting older, the tension build up.

posting in OnG makes me day dream too much.
but i know i had to step my foot on the reality.
though seeing others had completed their life by marrying their love ones and have their own children, rushing will only cause disaster.

so here i am.
enjoying my own sweet time.
InsyaALLAH the right time will come and the right moment.
and then everything will be purrfect!

i still remember a moment where i feel so complete,
when i suddenly said to someone "don't leave me"
i don't know why i said that.
but i'm silently wishing that he's mine, forever.

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