16 July 2011

u r my muse, aint ya?

you know what?
there's a highlight of my day today...
i was silent, sitting beside you while thinking how reluctant i am to let you go home when suddenly u said
'don't worry. i will come again to meet you'
as if u can read my mind!


did you know how i long for you to say dat u love me?

did you know what was running in my mind when we walk around the wedding exhibition today?

did you know how i enjoy being by your side?

and did you know that when you make me laugh, i feel like i can't just get enough of you?

oh how i wish i could tell you all this.

but u make me speechless.

i am so afraid to love cuz i can't accept to lose someone anymore.
and when u make me like u even more, i feel like crying.

for the millionth times, 
i make a silent wish, 
please stay in my chapter of live, will you?

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