28 August 2011

alkisah satu malam

Harini aku on call.
Alhamdulliah semua ok je walaupun awal2 ade 2 pt kne operate gara2 breech presentation dan footling presentation..
Haru betul bila aku buat VE (vaginal examination) dan rasa kaki baby kt bawah padahal pintu rahim dah bukak 6cm... kelam kelibut sekejap...
Suasana hospital harini agak lengang.

 Mungkin semua dh blk kmpg.

Tp td ade satu pt aku dr putrajaya.. kmpg kt melaka.. dh sampai kampung dah pun.. hehehehehe

Oleh krn x bnyk org suasana jd sejuk gila...

Td time aku nk pergi bilik linen cr selimut, tibe2 nmpk specialist aku bwk 3 selimut.. Spontan aku ketawa... Lps tu dia tanye aku "kenapa?"
"Sy pun cr selimut" jwb aku tersipu2..
Nasib baik specialist aku sporting...
Dia pon tido kt spital xleh blk...

P.s. Cptla kul 7 pg.. Dh kje dr 7pg smlm ni... Huhuuuuu

1.45am, 28/8/11

19 August 2011

life is a learning process

i was presenting my case when suddenly my specialist interupt me,
"your presentation had improved so much than few weeks back" she said.
i feel honoured!
you never know how much i hate myself when she scrutinize everything i said previously.
but now i am so fond of her.
seriously, i think i'm gonna miss her (this is my last week in her ward).

being a doctor, u had to learn and improve your skill everyday..
and it's like u are a student but u had your own responsibility also.
as usual, i enjoyed working in labor room just like i used to be when i was in Indonesia.
people may say our workload may aged us, but i think if we work with a smile and high spirit, nothing will seems too hard.
last night when i was on call, two of my patients was surprised dat i'm so young (is 24 years old young?) and one of them had even thought that i'm a student. i was confused. i think dat i doesn't look dat young.
but she said dat i look so enthusiastic and she loves to see a doctor smile.
well, she's having a new child, who wouldn't be so excited, right??
p.s. i really adore men who be by his wife's side when she's in labour.
it is so romantic.. ehe~

it's amazing how a simple smile create an enlightening situation.

i promise i'll try to keep on smiling..

14 August 2011

i fell in love with a froggie

it was already afternoon...
my mood was swinging upside down dat i finally decided to grab some colorful stuffs to wear.

then i went out to see my lil sis at her MRSM.
suddenly i heard some boiling noise in my car (yup, BOILING noise!)
owh my...
after some counsel from my parents via phone, problems solved just by adding water into my engine cooler!
the day was hot and i went out shopping with my sis.
and you know what?
i saw the froggie again.
i had been eyeing on him since few months ago 
and i can't take my eyes away from him since the first time i saw him.
my subconscious were fighting
             subconscious A: come on. take him!
             subconscious B: u don't need him... back off!!
             subconscious A: but he's too cute!!!!
             subconscious B: what does the term "u don't need him" dat  
                                    u didn't understand?
             subconscious A: i don't care! he only cost RM 5, lah!

and at last, A wins!

Mr. Froggie is very damn cute, aite?
seronok kura2 saya berenang dalam kolam baru

12 August 2011


hye everyone.
how's everyone holding up in this Ramadhan?
i'm sure everyone is alright though it's freaking hot here in Malaysia nowadays.
you know what? 
truthfully, i didn't even feel like it is a Ramadhan when i was working.
people were eating freely as the wish.
i mean, i can understand if my patients' did not 'fast'. most of them are preggies and in labor (i'm in OnG department now). 
even the hospital did not prepare sahur food (we get free foods during sahur when i was in Indonesia)
and most of the lunches that they prepared for us were thrown in the dustbin.
what a waste!

i really miss the Ramadhan in Indonesia.
there will be banners everywhere (and Raya wishes as well, even though Ramadhan had just started)
Most of the restaurant's windows are covered with curtains or white clothes, so that you can't see the people eating inside.
one of example where a food court is covered with a red curtain.

in Malaysia, people just ate openly even if it's a Ramadhan month. 
no veil nor curtains *sigh*
i think those five years fasting in Indonesia had made me forgot all about the Ramadhan month in Malaysia. 
except for the bazar Ramadhan and the tarawikh, nothing else makes me feel like this is a Ramadhan month.
or maybe it is just me who feels that way.  

p.s. had a delicious Nasi Lemak kukus yesterday! 
this make up for the 'tasteless' nasi kerabu that i bought before this.
i wonder why most of the foods at the Bazar doesn't taste as good as they seems? 
maybe i should start to learn how to cook.