14 August 2011

i fell in love with a froggie

it was already afternoon...
my mood was swinging upside down dat i finally decided to grab some colorful stuffs to wear.

then i went out to see my lil sis at her MRSM.
suddenly i heard some boiling noise in my car (yup, BOILING noise!)
owh my...
after some counsel from my parents via phone, problems solved just by adding water into my engine cooler!
the day was hot and i went out shopping with my sis.
and you know what?
i saw the froggie again.
i had been eyeing on him since few months ago 
and i can't take my eyes away from him since the first time i saw him.
my subconscious were fighting
             subconscious A: come on. take him!
             subconscious B: u don't need him... back off!!
             subconscious A: but he's too cute!!!!
             subconscious B: what does the term "u don't need him" dat  
                                    u didn't understand?
             subconscious A: i don't care! he only cost RM 5, lah!

and at last, A wins!

Mr. Froggie is very damn cute, aite?
seronok kura2 saya berenang dalam kolam baru

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mzabisa said...

it nice..