19 August 2011

life is a learning process

i was presenting my case when suddenly my specialist interupt me,
"your presentation had improved so much than few weeks back" she said.
i feel honoured!
you never know how much i hate myself when she scrutinize everything i said previously.
but now i am so fond of her.
seriously, i think i'm gonna miss her (this is my last week in her ward).

being a doctor, u had to learn and improve your skill everyday..
and it's like u are a student but u had your own responsibility also.
as usual, i enjoyed working in labor room just like i used to be when i was in Indonesia.
people may say our workload may aged us, but i think if we work with a smile and high spirit, nothing will seems too hard.
last night when i was on call, two of my patients was surprised dat i'm so young (is 24 years old young?) and one of them had even thought that i'm a student. i was confused. i think dat i doesn't look dat young.
but she said dat i look so enthusiastic and she loves to see a doctor smile.
well, she's having a new child, who wouldn't be so excited, right??
p.s. i really adore men who be by his wife's side when she's in labour.
it is so romantic.. ehe~

it's amazing how a simple smile create an enlightening situation.

i promise i'll try to keep on smiling..


BaYu said...

aik ? bleh bawak hubby masuk labour room ker??

mzabisa said...

erti sebuah persahabatan


mzabisa said...


ainulrhy said...

bayu: boleh. slalunye kene pergi kursus peneman dulu then br leh teman isteri mase in labor...