30 November 2011

one less egg to fry

it's 2 am in the morning and a staff nurse curiously look at my face and asked 
"doctor, have you married?"
"Not yet, lah" i answered with a smile.
"oh really?" she answered, puzzled with my answers. 
"did you have any boyfriend?"
 "none who's willing to meet my parents yet and marry me, dats for sure"

she pat her oversized tummy , perhaps her baby moved, 
or maybe she wants to show me that she's pregnant. 
i continue my work...
but she kept 'harrasing me'. 
"what's your age then?"
"24" i answered breifly
"oh my. we have the same age!" she exclaimed loudly.
i started to get a little bit irritated.
ok, i know u are also 24 and u already have a husband and you are going to have a baby soon, but there's no need to tell the world about it..

i admit i am sensitive. 
but this is not the first time i have been asked of the jackpot question!
and can you imagine, at 4 am, she said again 
"doctor, i can't believe that you are still not married yet"
oh my gawd!
can't she stop thinking about it?!
then if you reallly can't believe it why don't you find some guy and try to matchmake us?

i felt like crying.
she makes me remember someone who had promised to marry me. 
but he seems too busy with his work that he even forgot our date.

love is a complicated thing.
and marriage needs such a chemistry to work.
so please give me more time to enjoy my single, unattached and free life.

at least i can go back home, playing games and not think of any other tummy to feed.
just like one song i heard in one episode of Glee series
one less bell to answer.
one less egg to fry.
i should be happy, right?

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